Children's Land of Imagination Academy

   A place where children use their imagination to play and learn.



Our curriculum is theme based with overall monthly themes and specific weekly sub-themes and will provide hands-on, age-appropriate experiences. Children learn at his/her best potential when they can explore and become engaged in their environment. Multiple opportunities throughout the day (including lunch time) will be available for seeing, touching, tasting, learning, and self-expression. The fun theme-related activities, games, and developmentally age-appropriate centers will encourage various opportunities for emotional, physical, and intellectual development.


Our infants to 1 year of age will be introduced to an active learning curriculum that will develop the concepts of listening, sign language, fine motor, and gross motor skills. This curriculum includes the following best practices: nursery rhymes, classical music for cognitive development, baby games that encourage social skills among peers, lullabies, exercise for large motor development, learning basic animal sounds, and theme-related stories.


Our 2 to 3 year olds will have specific enrichment programs that will foster the beginning stages needed for gross and fine motor skills. Understanding and laying the basic foundation for handwriting and letter recognition will be incorporated at this age level. We will be focusing on the following age-appropriate practices: language and speech development, understanding number concepts, social skills, and nutrition. This curriculum series will expand on speech & vocabulary, classical music for cognitive development, number and alphabet recognition, basic shapes, mixology of colors, and understanding scientific elements.


Our VPK/ Pre-kindergarten class is specifically designed for our four year olds to have a more structured learning environment needed for kindergarten.  Each academic center is designated for learning through “play” and encourages a more independent way of thinking. The curriculum series includes the following: literacy and computer use, understanding the scientific method, unique uses of different art mediums, rhythm & tempo, social studies, basic history & cultural enrichment, and also introduction to cooking. Each week is closely focused on phonemic awareness, handwriting, letter & number recognition and acquire basic math skills. We utilize The Creative Curriculum supplemented by Handwriting Without Tears and focus on correct writing utensil grip and formation of letters.  This curriculum series is great for “No child left behind” and laying a firm foundation for kindergarten readiness. By the end of the program, your child will have a strong understanding in letters, numbers, and starting to recognize basic sight words!