Children's Land of Imagination Academy



       A place where children use their imagination to play and learn.

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What Do We Do in Preschool?

Circle Time: is a group gathering during which we share our ideas and plans.


Gross-motor activities: Give children the opportunity to use their muscles, such as running, jumping, and climbing.


Fine-motor Activities: Help improve small-muscle development and eye-hand coordination. Include puzzles, beads, and laces, crayons, and scissors.


Science Activities: Offer children many hands-on opportunities for observation, exploration and investigation.


Dramatic-play activities: Help children express themselves, practice life skills, improve social skills and self-esteem skills, build vocabulary and solve problems.


Art Activities: Help youngsters creatively express their thoughts and feelings, such as colors, shapes, and size relationships.


Block Play: Children experience with many different concepts, such as spatial relationships, number skills, balance, organization, cause and effect and classification.


Story time: is designed to help youngsters develop an appreciation and enjoyment of literature. Reading activities enhance children’s vocabulary and comprehension skills.


Music Activities: Promote youngsters’ listening skills, creative expression, and social skills. In music, children explore sound, volume, tempo, and rhythm.